FRKT is my graduation project. I am interested about the creative process and how in history artists and designers had created things. I searched and studied a new way to create and discover the Generative Process. During my studies I was inspired by Vincent van Gogh's letters and I decided to realise three different objects, from these letters, with the Generative process. The breaking grid is the symbol that links each work because it illustrates the transition from the academic view to the contemporary view. In this project I have mixed graphic, coding and design.


The second object is not constituted by a visual grid but by a product of the grid: the typography. The work consists of a surface on which are positioned laser cut letters that make up the word "Art is jealous", I found this sentence in the letter of the artist of 21st July 1882:


"Art is jealous; she will not allow illness to be placed above her. So I'll let her have her way."




Using Processing I created an algorithm to gradually consume the outline of the letters which, using this method, were reduced to blobs. The art for Van Gogh was the most important point of his life leading him to produce his fantastic works but, at the same time, it consumed his soul.


Davide Piscitelli