FRKT is my graduation project. I am interested about the creative process and how in history artists and designers had created things. I searched and studied a new way to create and discover the Generative Process. During my studies I was inspired by Vincent van Gogh's letters and I decided to realise three different objects, from these letters, with the Generative process. The breaking grid is the symbol that links each work because it illustrates the transition from the academic view to the contemporary view. In this project I have mixed graphic, coding and design.

INSTABILITY INSTABILITY is represented by a work that embodies the fragility and poetry through an empty parallelepiped. On the upper side of the parallelepiped there is a grid of wires which are deformed by the weight of the balls that float in the air. Through the use of Processing, I analyzed a brushstroke of Van Gogh, from which I extrapolated 40 points that represent its shape.

Using the gesture of the artist I realised a minimal graphic. The coordinates x, y and z (of the balls) were obtained by analyzing the amount of contrast of an image of the artist's brushwork: the stronger the contour of the stroke, the greater will be its depth. Next I reworked this data using the software Grasshopper that allowed me not to use some predefined points, but points extracted by the algorithm. The floating balls in the structure recreate the sense of the artist’s instability. Symbolically, the brush by Vincent van Gogh breaks the grid initially in balance.


Davide Piscitelli