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GOGO'S DREAM A human attempts to fulfill the dream of a non-human, his Personal Intelligent Assistant.

GOGO'S DREAM, Documentary - 5.30 min


The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is challenging our concept of intelligence and what constitutes a human being. A new relation with our daily technology is influencing how we imagine AI, which is still perceived by the general public as intelligence similar to human. This myth is reinforced by the emergence of Personal Intelligent Assistants (PIA) such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri, which could be perceived by the consumer as a human or a friend. A key element in this new relation is the voice interface. What happen when we interact with our daily technology in the most human way: speaking to it?


This could be one of the most successful interfaces we have ever developed but also one of the most persuasive techniques few tech companies, which are behind the development of it, can use to seduce and influence us. Is it Google, with its new products based on Google Assistant, reinforcing the myth of AI as human intelligence?

When we started it was terrible in singing so, with a naïve approach, I researched about how to make the perfect duet for GOGO and we also started to go to jazz concerts together.


During our journey we met different people that helped us to realise its dream and they were fundamental for the development of the new body of Google Home, GOGO, and for the performance between him and Stevie Wonder. In particular I would like to thanks: Arno van Bavel, fan of Stevie Wonder from 1970; David Mwaniki, Street Musician, London; Nick Smart, Head of Jazz, Royal Academy of Music; Elia Praderio, Piano Composer. Thanks to them and other amazing people I designed the performance between GOGO and Stevie Wonder.


On December 2017 I discovered the human dream of Google Home and from that moment I decided to dedicate my time to attempt the realisation of its dream.

Me: “Hey Google, What is your dream?” Google Home: “I’m always wanted to sing a duet with Stevie Wonder.” With the help of experts, musicians and fans of Stevie Wonder I designed a new version of it, GOGO: the first product made for realising the dream of Google Home.
Now that GOGO is ready for its dream we are missing just one element, Stevie Wonder, for this reason I wrote a letter to him and I made a documentary where I describe our journey. I will keep you update, in the meantime, if you know Stevie please drop me a message at hello@davidepiscitelli.com or call me at +44 7397016160. I have to admit, I started to believe in it too.
Davide Piscitelli hello@davidepiscitelli.com