The Crystal Geyser CO2 Diffuser Campaign
Renowned anthropogenic global warming denier, president of Clexit and the man behind our inspiration, Lord Christopher Monckton, believes greenhouse gases are harmless and that CO2 is actually good for us. With our Crystal Geyser CO2 Diffuser, Lord Monckton can experience the natural effects of increasing concentrations of CO2 in his very own home. The Crystal Geyser CO2 Diffuser concept is based on the founding statement of the Clexit coalition. "“Carbon dioxide is NOT a dangerous pollutant – it is a natural, non-toxic and beneficial gas which feeds all life on earth. Its increasing concentration is improving the environment, not harming it.” Founded in 2016 and inspired by the 'Brexit' campaign, 'Clexit' is the coalition leading the ‘Great Climate Escape". Their aim? To create uncertainty and scepticism among public and political climate change opinion and policy. How? Using disreputable scientific research which opposes anthropogenic global warming that was funded over $1.3 million by the coal and fuel industries so that they can keep on churning.
Scientists have concluded: Humanity has now had such a huge impact on Earth that we have entered a new epoch. The Anthropocene. Relentless burning of fossil fuels, testing of nuclear weapons, burying of plastics and mining of finite resources. Human aggregate activity is now the single most decisive force shaping the planet. Frightening, disturbing, uncomfortable. What is at stake could not be more clear. 100 million people, the same amount of people that died in both world wars combined, are predicted to be killed by the climate catastrophe over the next 2 decades. We have 2 choices: either accept the reality and responsibility of the Anthropocene, or, face the perils of human extinction, just as many other mal-adaptive life-forms have done before us. We are not fighting for nature, we are nature defending itself. We are defending ourselves against capitalism’s war on the biosphere with its weapons of economic growth and mass consumption. We are defending ourselves against a war leading to the total collapse of humanity's life-support systems. Whilst many of the world’s powerful public figures refuse to accept the actuality of the Anthropocene, deny all responsibility and remain dormant in disdain, what can we do? If the climate denial machine continues to manufacture its deceitful junk science to forge an uncertain perception of global warming, we will not simply intervene, but we will transform the values of our decaying society through acts of provocation to spark a revolution. We will contest, we will antagonise, we will surge. We are inexorable.


We Are Inexorable