Can we use Lichen to communicate in a physical form the issue of air pollution and challenge our ethic toward this environmental problem?

LichenAir is synthetic lichen using biomimicry to replicate the properties of bio-indication and bio-accumulation of natural lichens, which can communicate in a physical form the issue of air pollution.

LichenAir is worn on the body, changing colour over time based on the amount of pollution in the air. Data extracted from a library of samples could be used to develop medical research around the effects of air pollution on our health. This data could then be collected in conjunction with demographic information to generate the air quality of individuals, cities and companies around the world, which could then be used to influence decisions within politics, society and, of course, the environment.

The project, through a speculative approach, intends to rethink the relationship between human and nature in an Anthropocentric epoch and enable us to visualise the “invisible” air pollution absorbed by our bodies in our cities.

Published on the book : Why Materials Matter: Responsible Design for a Better World by Seetal Solanki​