Ratione Soli is an ongoing investigation looking at the aesthetic of digital assets used for the creation of virtual territory. A virtual territory made by a new imperialism. The resulting aesthetic reflects the deep-routed myth of nature as something detached from humanity, or better, perceiving the artificial as exterior to the idea of natural as if what we think as nature is not artificial too. As parks in our cities, the 3D scanned library of biosphere are a selection of the ones that looks ‘good’ with no disease and any sign of the ‘artificial’. There is no nature without artificial and there is no artificial without nature. In Ratione Soli I explore alternative visions.

One of the most famous procedural software is Houdini FX. A common technique for generating a procedural rock is manipulating a sphere through few steps. I developed an alternative procedural technique where the digital rock is not a detached element from humanity and so, even in the algorithm behind it, its generation is influenced by external factors, as the result of a more complex relationship. Tho generate the rock the algorithm has to be feeded with another object (human waste, debris, etc) as if a rock is not just something detached by human activities but it is also the result of it, as a plastiglomerate.


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